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Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Coaching

These are some of the questions we are asked often about our sleep coach services. Please contact us if you don’t see your question or want more in-depth information.

What is a sleep coach?

A sleep coach is a professional who has studied and trained to help clients create and implement sleep improvement strategies. The sleep coach uses proven sleep science knowledge, an integrative approach, and effective consulting to personalize the coaching experience.

What is the difference between a sleep coach and sleep consultant?

The terms sleep coach and sleep consultant can be substituted for each other, as there is no real difference. They both refer to a professional who has trained to help people overcome sleep challenges for improved sleep quantity and quality.

How much does working with a sleep coach cost?

Sleep coach pricing depends on whether you receive an in-person or remote consultation. Whichever you choose, your health and everyday well-being are well worth the investment! For an up-to-date look at our rates, visit the sleep coach pricing page.

Where are your services available?

We offer in-home sleep coach consultations in the greater Denver metro area, but through technology we also service the entire U.S. We use in-person visits, video chat, telephone and email to deliver sleep help wherever our clients live.

How do I know if hiring a sleep coach is right for me?

The answer to this question depends on your readiness to make changes in your life that will help you sleep better. If you know you have a problem, and you’re determined to improve, you’ll benefit greatly by working with a sleep coach. For more details about this, visit our sleep coach services page.

Aren't sleep issues a matter for medical professionals?

The majority of sleep issues are due to behavioral factors, meaning it’s possible to improve them through making healthy changes to a person’s lifestyle, behavior, environment and other important elements. A professional sleep coach helps clients discover the root of their sleep problems, and then guides them toward impactful changes.

Even in cases where a person is dealing with medical issues such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome, sleep consultants can play a complementary role by helping the client make changes to their life aimed at sustainable healthy sleep.

How long does a typical sleep consultation take?

The time it takes to produce and strengthen long-lasting sleep improvements is different from person to person. Each client is unique and has unique sleep challenges, so we take as much time as is needed to succeed.

In general, our client engagements tend to last between four and eight weeks.

What if sleep coaching doesn't work for me?

There is no way to guarantee that sleep coaching will work for you. But experience shows that if you commit to change and follow a sleep coach’s recommendations, you can experience better sleep on a long-term basis.

Do you offer sleep consultant services for children?

We currently serve as a sleep coach for adults and teenagers only. We will add services to help children in October 2019. See our Sleep Coach for Babies and Toddlers page for more information.

Have More Questions or Want to Hire a Sleep Coach?

Whether you want answers to questions not covered on this page or you’re ready to speak with a professional sleep coach, we’re ready and waiting to chat with you.