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Boost your business with more well-rested, high-performing employees in your workplace. 

Image showing employees sitting in a circle. They're well rested after working with a sleep coach.

Sleep Support for Your Exhausted Employees

Wellness benefit to help your employees and their children overcome sleep challenges

If your employees are underperforming due to poor sleep, it’s likely trickling down into nearly every facet of your business. No one, from your most senior employees to your entry-level employees, is immune to the effects of sleep deprivation.

Whether it’s a manager who struggles to generate creative solutions, an analyst who’s unable to focus on critical calculations, or a customer service rep whose bad mood repels customers, these tired employees are not bringing their "A" game to work with them.

Maybe it's not even your employee who isn't sleeping well, but rather his or her child. Your employee is still losing vital sleep while coping with the poor-sleeping child.

In any case, the sleep (or lack thereof) of your employees is directly linked to the performance of your business.

So ... how can you help your employees resolve their sleep issues when sleep happens outside of the workplace?

Offer a Perk That Perks Up Your Tired Employees

Overnight Success Sleep Coaching is a wellness benefit you can offer to employees and their children who have trouble sleeping. They’ll gain access to professional adult and pediatric sleep coaches, who will get them on the path to healthier, more restorative sleep (also benefitting your business).

Offering an innovative wellness benefit like this is also an effective way for you to attract, engage, and retain valued employees.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what your employees will experience when participating in Overnight Success Sleep Coaching:

  • One-on-one sleep coach consultations where your employees can explore the behaviors, lifestyle aspects, health issues and more that are affecting their sleep.
  • Personalized sleep plans implemented over several weeks to strengthen sleep hygiene, build healthy habits, and remove roadblocks preventing rest.
  • Support and strategies to help employees maintain and build upon the progress they’ve made while working with their sleep coach.
  • Bonus: All of your employees will receive gift packs containing items that promote better sleep!


Sleepably Success Stories

Photo of adult sleep coach client who overcame her sleeping trouble

Ann N. - Adult Sleep Coach Client

I was having trouble sleeping comfortably. I was having night sweats and tossing and turning a lot, which resulted in tired days. It was affecting my ability to work, exercise and relax. With sleep coaching, I was able to achieve sound sleep! 

Photo of Thekla, a pediatric sleep consultant client

Thekla R. - Pediatric Sleep Coach Client

As Rebecca said, I am giving my son healthy sleep skills for life, one of the greatest benefits to his overall health forever! WORTH EVERY PENNY. Invest in the front end, it will be less painful than a life with sleep disturbance.

Photo of family who worked with a Sleepably sleep coach for babies.

Hannah D. - Pediatric Sleep Coach Client

I can function now as a mom of three young babies 3 and under. My husband can finally sleep in the room again and my household in general just runs so much smoother. My baby seems happier and more rested, too.

Ready to have more energized, productive staff?

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Sleepably offers professional sleep coach services for children and adults in Denver, Colorado, and the entire U.S. We believe everyone deserves a good night of sleep, and we’re making it happen one well-rested client at a time.

If you’re having trouble sleeping and are ready to do something about it, help is just a click away.


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