Sleepably Sleep School

Helping children ages 5-12 years old learn to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake refreshed

Schedule your free 20-minute call with a certified pediatric sleep consultant. 

Older kids need sleep help, too!

We've heard from many parents that there's not a lot of resources available for older children who aren't sleeping well. Sleep is especially important to these young kiddos to support their developing bodies and minds.

This unmet need inspired us to create Sleepably Sleep School, a personalized six-week program where we work one-on-one with kids and their parents for better sleep. 

If your child is having trouble sleeping and is between ages 5-12, now you have help available!

Children's Sleep Problems

The struggle is real, and we have real solutions! Which of the following sounds like a typical night in your house?

  • My child requires me to stay in their room until they fall asleep
  • My child is not sleeping through the night and comes into my bed several times each night
  • We can't do camps or sleepovers because my child is scared to sleep
  • Screen time is taking over our house and affecting sleep
  • My child wakes way too early 
  • At bedtime, my child is “not tired” and/or becomes emotional
  • My child is tired or unfocused at school
  • We're dealing with night terrors, bad dreams, sleepwalking or other issues

These are common issues faced by parents just like you! We can help you get to the root of these sleep challenges and get your child to embrace the evening wind-down with sleep coaching.

Our Children's Sleep Consultants

We're Rebecca and Sara and we are beyond excited to bring Sleepably Sleep School to you in the comfort of your home! 

Sleep School pediatric sleep coaches Rebecca and Sara

Our virtual school offers one-on-one sessions with your child and a dedicated pediatric sleep consultant. Over the course of six weeks, we build a relationship with your child during which:  

  • Your child will learn to work alongside their Sleep Teacher as we uncover their sleep struggles. 
  • Kiddos are always excited for their weekly Sleep School sessions because they are proud of the work they have accomplished and are eager to tell their own Sleep Teacher about their progress.  
  • Your child (and subsequently you) will gain a variety of sleep tools to develop healthy sleep habits over the course of five weeks.
  • You as a parent will receive continued advice to make sure you and your child are on the same page with the healthy changes you're making.  

We use science-based methods that have been researched by the world's leading sleep physicians, and we work closely with many pediatricians should we have a concern.  

As Mamas ourselves and pediatric nurses, you can feel confident that your child is in trusted hands and that you will see progress in your child’s ability to sleep! Find your path forward with dedicated sleep support.

Sleepably Sleep School Pricing

Ready to treat your family to more sleep? Schedule a free consultation with a child sleep consultant. During the 20-minute call, your Sleep School coach will:

  • Discuss your child's sleep problems
  • Discuss what you've tried
  • Discuss your desired outcomes
  • Determine if Sleep School is a good fit for your child
  • Answer any other questions you have 

You can use HSA/FSA funds if your insurance provider allows it.

Sleepably Sleep School

A six-week program where your child receives one-on-one attention from a pediatric sleep consultant, and you stay involved each step of the way. 



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Included with Sleep School:

  • In-depth assessment reviewing your child’s sleep so their sleep coach can identify the root cause of the sleep struggles and plan the most appropriate interventions
  • Interactive sleep log

Click on each week below to learn about the Sleep School experience.

Week 1

  • Personalized sleep plan emailed to caregivers outlining methods we will use, a schedule to follow, and lots of science-based information about WHY this works and why sleep is so important.
  • 45-minute virtual session with caretaker(s) and child to discuss sleep plan and answer questions.

Week 2

  • One virtual check-in (15-30 minutes) with child and parent plus a weekly focus to build healthier sleep habits
  • Weekly progress report update
  • Email/text support

Weeks 3, 4 and 5

  • One check-in (10-15 minutes each week) with child and parent plus a weekly focus
  • Weekly progress report update
  • Email/text support

Week 6

  • Wrap-up virtual session with caretaker and child
  • Special graduation gift mailed to child (kids tend to love this!)
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Sleep School FAQ

How long do you typically talk to my child during one-on-one sessions?

Does Sleep School ever end before the 6 weeks is up or need to be extended?

What happens if my child regresses after Sleep School and we need to reach out again?

How does the interactive progress report work?

Do you accept HSA/FSA funds?

Can you guarantee that my child will continue to sleep well after Sleepably Sleep School ends?

What are your qualifications?

Where does Sleep School take place?

How can I learn more about Sleepably's pediatric sleep consultants?

Does Sleepably also help adults who aren't sleeping well?

Check out our blog for free sleep advice and sleep coaching success stories. 

Pediatric Sleep Consultant Service Guarantee

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When you work with a Sleepably pediatric sleep consultant, we guarantee that:

  • We'll listen carefully to your needs so we can create an effective sleep plan.
  • Our sleep recommendations will be clear and easy to follow.
  • You'll receive helpful guidance, motivation, and emotional support each step of the way.
  • We will respond as quickly as possible anytime you need us.
  • We'll be as flexible as possible to fit your schedule.