Sleep Coach for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Help everyone rest easier tomorrow by taking action today! Partner with a pediatric sleep consultant to help your child thrive through healthy sleep.

Image of concerned parents looking at baby and needing help from a sleep coach for babies and toddlers.

Relief for Your Sleep-Deprived Child (and Yourself)

Sleepless nights have you fumbling for your coffee cup at 4 a.m.? Frequent night wakings have you stumbling around like a zombie during the daylight hours? Tough toddler refusing their bedtime?

We got you, Mama (and Dads, too)!

Our pediatric sleep consultants are standing by to help you overcome your child’s sleep troubles now. Not tomorrow, not in a month ... TODAY. You’ll enjoy this stage in your child’s life more when you’re not sleep-deprived, worried, frustrated, and unsure of what you can do.

Why Choose a Sleepably Pediatric Sleep Consultant?

When you partner with a Sleepably sleep coach to help your baby, toddler or pre-schooler, you’ll be working with:

  • A certified child sleep consultant who will develop a personalized sleep plan just for your little one.
  • A longtime registered pediatric nurse (our sleep coaches have a combined 25 years of nursing experience).
  • A mother who has been where you are and understands the relief you’ll feel when your child’s sleep improves.
Photo of Rebecca Schlegel, certified pediatric sleep consultant.

Rebecca Schlegel, BSN, RN, CPN

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Rebecca is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, and a registered pediatric nurse for over 10 years. As the mother of two, she has firsthand experience of the lows of poor-sleeping children and the highs of successful sleep training.

Rebecca loves working with families to give them the knowledge and support to improve their child's sleep. Her reward is seeing parents and their kids light up when they discover the joy of a full night of sleep.

Photo of Sara Nudd, certified pediatric sleep consultant with Sleepably.

Sara Nudd, BSN, RN, CPN

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Sara is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, a registered pediatric nurse for over 15 years, and a mother of four.

She believes in creating a highly personalized experience for clients because each child and family is unique.

Sara's goal is for families to walk away from our sleep training feeling rested and educated on the steps for improved sleep for their treasured baby or child.

What to Expect During Your Pediatric Sleep Consultation


Schedule a free 15-20 minute call and let’s chat for a bit about what you are struggling with and for how long you have been dealing with this. Let's discuss what your hopes are for your little one's sleep and figure out if we're the right fit to help you and your child thrive through better sleep. 

Dare to Dream About Life with a Child Who Sleeps Well

If you've come to accept your child's sleep troubles as a normal part of life, maybe it's hard to imagine anything different. We understand, so let us offer a glimpse at your possible future after working with a sleep coach for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler!

Current You

  • Evenings together with your significant other are a thing of the past
  • For your child to nap, you have to let them sleep on you for 2-3 hours every day
  • You're half-awake during some of the night, just waiting for the familiar nighttime callout
  • You just can't win the argument with your toddler about bedtime
  • You're so tired during the days that you can't focus, be productive, or properly care for yourself 
  • You mentally roll your eyes when someone tells you how well their child sleeps
  • Your child is waking up way too early in the morning and you just want a normal wakeup time

Future You

  • Once your child goes to sleep more easily, you can reclaim your couples evenings  
  • While snuggles are nice, now you can use nap time for self-care or other key activities
  • Now that your child rarely wakes during the night, you can let your guard down and rest
  • You can confidently get your toddler to sleep with tips and tricks from your sleep coach
  • What can you accomplish when well-rested? Let's find out, because you sleep through the night now!
  • Now you can take some secret satisfaction in being the parent of a talented sleeper
  • You might be disoriented at first when you start waking at a normal time and feel refreshed, but you'll get used to it eventually

Does the future version of your life sound amazing?

It can be your new reality if you take the first step today and talk with a Sleepably pediatric sleep consultant. Arrange a free discovery call today and we'll discuss your current issues and how we can work together to make positive changes!

It changed our lives and reduced our stress so much once we got our girl on a normal schedule. She's happier and we're happier and Sara was SO friendly and helpful even with my constant texting and asking questions!

DO IT! It's not only so important to your baby or child's health and happiness but your own! Your baby will be rested and you will have a little free time to take care of yourself!

Angel F.

I can function now as a mom of three young babies 3 and under. My husband can finally sleep in the room again and my household in general just runs so much smoother. My baby seems happier and more rested, too. 

Photo of family who worked with a Sleepably sleep coach for babies.

Hannah D.