About Sleepably

Sleepably is your trusted source of sleep coaching for adults and children to ease your nights and energize your days. Get to know our staff and story below!

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Who We Are

Meet the Sleepably Team

Whether you're having trouble sleeping or your child is, our sleep coaches will work side-by-side with you to remove the roadblocks preventing healthy rest.  

Photo of Seth Davis, professional sleep coach for adults.

Seth Davis

Adult Sleep Coach

Seth Davis is a former insomniac who holds three adult sleep coaching certifications, and is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

After struggling to sleep for many years, Seth realized how little support there is for sleep-deprived adults in the U.S. He decided to do something about it by creating Sleepably to help the many people out there who share his desire to sleep better consistently.

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Photo of Rebecca Schlegel, certified pediatric sleep consultant.

Rebecca Schlegel, BSN, RN, CPN

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Rebecca is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, and a registered pediatric nurse for over 10 years. As the mother of two, she has firsthand experience of the lows of poor-sleeping children and the highs of successful sleep training.

Rebecca loves working with families to give them the knowledge and support to improve their child's sleep. Her reward is seeing parents and their kids light up when they discover the joy of a full night of sleep.

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Photo of Sara Nudd, certified pediatric sleep consultant with Sleepably.

Sara Nudd, BSN, RN, CPN

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Sara is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, a registered pediatric nurse for over 15 years, and a mother of four.

She believes in creating a highly personalized experience for clients because each child and family is unique. Sara's goal is for families to walk away from our sleep training feeling rested and educated on the steps for improved sleep for their treasured baby or child.

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What We Do

We measure our success by how well you (or your child) sleep.

What do 6-month-olds and 60-year-olds have in common? 

They're both are happier and healthier when they're sleeping well!

Science shows time and time again that we're better versions of ourselves when we're sleeping well. And yet, we hear so many people say things like:

  • "I'm just not a good sleeper."
  • "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "My child is a terrible sleeper ... hopefully she'll grow out of it someday."

Well, we respectfully disagree with those people! We believe that people of all ages can and should sleep soundly. 

Instead of wallowing in negative beliefs or saying better sleep will come "someday," we inspire our clients to take immediate action. Why accept poor sleep for months or years when we can do something about it now?

When you work with our pediatric or adult sleep coaches, we'll get an accurate picture of where you're at now. Then we'll build a personalized roadmap that leads to improved sleep for you or your child. Along the way, we'll add in healthy portions of education, motivation and accountability, with a side order of empathy.

We've helped many sleep-deprived adults and children successfully face their sleep challenges, and we're standing by to help you!

The Sleepably Story

My name is Seth and I’m an insomniac. Or at least I was until I decided to put my sleep-deprived brain to work and solve my sleep issues.

Prior to that were countless mornings where I had barely dragged myself out of bed but was already counting the minutes until my next desperate attempt to sleep. Days spent re-reading the words on my computer screen because my mind was too drowsy to keep up with my eyes.

It was time for a change.

I earned three sleep coach certifications, diving into the fascinating world of sleep and learning about key factors that prevent and promote sleep. Then I became my first sleep coaching client and applied my newfound knowledge to overcome insomnia. Following my personalized sleep plan transformed me into a capable sleeper who no longer studies the ceiling and waits for the alarm. 

Since then, I've joined forces with two talented pediatric sleep consultants (my wife Rebecca and our great friend Sara) to help men, women and children finally enjoy the refreshing sleep they desperately seek.

Creating Sleepably is my way to pass on the gift of healthy, restorative sleep to you, your children and other sleep-deprived people everywhere. I know your frustration, fatigue and anxiety, and I know you can change things if you commit and work with a dedicated partner.

There's no time like the present to improve almost all areas of your life through better sleep.

Receive or Give the Gift of Sleep Today!

Whether you're losing precious sleep at night, or your child is struggling to get enough healthy rest, you'll find all the support you need from Sleepably.

Schedule a free discovery call with an adult sleep coach or a pediatric sleep consultant today. We'll explore existing sleep issues and discuss how you or your child can finally experience sound sleep!

I can function now as a mom of three young babies 3 and under. My husband can finally sleep in the room again and my household in general just runs so much smoother. My baby seems happier and more rested, too.

Hannah D., pediatric sleep consultation client

Photo of family who worked with a Sleepably sleep coach for babies.

With sleep coaching, I was able to achieve sound sleep! Seth gave me some really great suggestions that I never would have though of.  He helped me achieve the sleep I desperately needed. ... I am less stressed, motivated, and am happier!

Ann N., adult sleep consultation client

Photo of adult sleep coach client who overcame her sleeping trouble