Sleep Coach for Adults

Fall asleep and stay asleep confidently with help from an adult sleep coach. 

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An experienced guide

Get help from an adult sleep coach who understands what you're going through, and what it takes to overcome sleep issues.

A personalized plan

Improve your sleep using a tailored plan based on research-based sleep science. You'll make healthy changes to help you rest easier.

A focus on results

Your sleep is our success. We care about helping you sleep better, so you'll have full access to motivation, support, education and empathy.

You shouldn't have to worry about how you'll sleep tonight.

Are you feeling frustrated because you:

  • Toss and turn through the night
  • Struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep
  • Worry about how much you'll sleep tonight
  • Worry about how tired you'll be tomorrow
  • Believe you're just not a good sleeper

It doesn't have to be that way!

Insomnia Success Stories

We offer sleep coaching for people who have been struggling with insomnia for years, to those who simply want to optimize their sleep.

Check out some of the results our insomnia clients have achieved with help from a sleep coach!

Get help from someone who has been where you are 

My name is Seth and I’m an insomniac. Or at least I was until I put my tired brain to work and solved my sleep issues.

I earned four adult sleep coach certifications, learning effective methods to help people sleep better. Then I used my knowledge to overcome insomnia. 

This transformation is what I want for you. The world needs more well-rested, happier people, and I want to help you be one of them!

I know your frustration, fatigue and anxiety, and I know you can improve if you commit to making healthy changes.

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Sleeping better is easy as 1-2-3


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Get your personalized sleep plan 

If you choose to work with us, your sleep coach will: 

  • Learn more about your sleep problems
  • Create a personalized sleep plan
  • Help you stay on track with guidance and motivation 

As we make progress, you'll start to ...


Sleep more, stress less, feel better 

Improved sleep can boost your mood, energy and health so you can be a better version of yourself each day.

Adult Sleep Coach Service Guarantee

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When you work with a Sleepably adult sleep coach, we guarantee that:

  • We will respond as quickly as possible anytime you need us.
  • We'll be as flexible as possible to fit your schedule.
  • We'll listen carefully to your needs so we can create an effective sleep plan.
  • Our sleep recommendations will be clear and easy to follow.
  • You'll receive helpful guidance, motivation, emotional support each step of the way.

Kind words from our well-rested clients

What's the worst that will happen if you don't act soon?

Nothing will happen, and that's the problem. The sleepless nights that caused you to visit this website will continue unless you make changes.

Invest in your health and well-being today by taking the first step toward better sleep!

Adult Sleep Coach Packages

View our packages below and schedule a free consultation with a sleep coach for adults. During the 15-minute call, we will:

  • Talk about the sleep issues you're experiencing
  • Discuss packages and pricing
  • Answer any other questions you have 

You can use HSA/FSA funds if your insurance provider allows it.

HELP ME Sleep - Essentials

Become a more confident sleeper with 4 weeks of guidance and support from an adult sleep coach.



  • Sleep assessment to examine your sleep challenges
  • 45-minute phone call or video chat to further explore your issues
  • Personalized sleep plan to help you get the sleep you deserve
  • Weekly calls and updated sleep plans for 4 weeks
  • Midweek check-ins by email
  • 1 week of post-consultation email support
HELP ME SLEEP - Extra Support

If you need an extra boost of motivation and accountability to build healthy sleep habits, this is the package for you.



Our Most Popular Package

Includes everything in Help Me Sleep - Essentials plus:

  • An extra 2 weeks of sleep coaching 
  • An extra 2 weeks of post-consultation email support
  • Midweek check-ins by phone or video chat rather than email
  • One 30-minute call within 6 months of the sleep consultation to address bumps in the road
Couples sleep coaching

Sharing your room and your sleep habits with another person can be hard. If you're struggling, work with a sleep coach to help you and your partner sleep better together.



Includes everything in Help Me Sleep - Essentials plus:

  • We'll explore the sleep preferences of both you and your partner
  • We'll optimize your sleep environment to be comfortable for both of you
  • We'll create a personalized plan geared toward helping you sleep well together as a couple

Ready to meet a sleep coach and see if it's right for you? Schedule your free chat today!

You can become another sleep coaching success story

Seth guided me to build up habits slowly over the course of a few weeks and I noticed that I had more focus and alertness almost immediately (I even stopped needing an afternoon pick-me-up coffee). Sleepably is an incredible resource for anyone looking for better quality sleep!

Photo of Ashlee, a client who worked with Sleepably's sleep coach for adults

Ashlee R.

I was able to achieve sound sleep! Seth gave me some really great suggestions that I never would have thought of. He helped me achieve the sleep I desperately needed.

Photo of adult sleep coach client who overcame her sleeping trouble

Ann N.

Over the 2+ months, Seth helped me to tweak my routines to get me to consistently have a restful night of sleep. I definitely saw improvements in how much/well I was sleeping, as well as my energy and mental clarity during the day.

Photo of Erin, who worked with Sleepably's adult sleep coach

Erin H.

Sleep Coach Faq

What is a sleep coach for adults?

What is the difference between a sleep coach and sleep consultant?

How much does working with an adult sleep coach cost?

Where are your services available?

Do you accept HSA/FSA funds?

Aren't sleep issues a matter for medical professionals?

How do I know if hiring a sleep coach is right for me?

How long does a typical sleep consultation take?

What if sleep coaching doesn't work for me?

Do you offer sleep consultant services for children?


Sleepably offers professional sleep coach services for children and adults in Denver, Colorado, and the entire U.S. We believe everyone deserves a good night of sleep, and we’re making it happen one well-rested client at a time.

If you’re having trouble sleeping and are ready to do something about it, help is just a click away.


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