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Holistic Care for Tired Mamas Everywhere

By Sara Nudd


The Sleepably pediatric sleep coach team met Brogan Metcalf on Instagram earlier this year and we continue to be inspired by her commitment to meeting her clients where they are by showing continuous support and motivation.

We recently sat down virtually with Brogan, who is a holistic and transformative coach for women. She’s creating a ton of buzz in the health and wellness world, and we are over-the-moon excited to share what we learned!

Tell us about your background and describe what your business entails?

I am a Jersey girl now living in Virginia with my husband Chad and three littles. I came here to be with my hubby, and the first job down here was at Powerhouse Gym of West OC, MD. I was then promoted to assistant manager and became a Certified Personal Trainer when I started teaching S.W.E.A.T (Speed, Weights, Endurance, Agility Training) classes.

While working there I got pregnant with my first daughter, Dalila, and we really dove into natural living. After I had her, we decided that me staying at home was the best option. That ended up being extremely challenging for me as I felt lost in the transition of motherhood without having a job. I had very dark postpartum depression and anxiety, and when Dalila was 18 months I had my first miscarriage. I had an ectopic pregnancy three months later, which was my rock bottom.

From there I really focused on my inner journey and taking my power back as a person. Since then I have been Reiki, Doula, Health Coach, and NLP Certified. I am now coaching women on how to heal from within mind, body, and soul creating lifelong transformation so they can truly live without limits, having confidence and energy in their body.

What sparked your passion for holistic health and wellness?

Brogan Metcalf and family

When I got pregnant with my Dalila, I knew that my life was not just about me anymore. I took the role of being a mother and taking charge of my health very seriously. It was when I was pregnant with her that I looked into immunizations and ingredients in foods and was appalled.

Eventually I learned how everything is so connected to each other including the emotions that become trapped and our mindset. It can limit us and create stress or disease in the body. I am big on incorporating the whole body when trying to heal and when I coach my clients.

How have you been impacted by COVID-19?

Truthfully, I haven’t. I mean other than the craziness around me with the new regulations. I always live in the motto that I create my reality. In that, we have kept doing what we always have to keep our family healthy.

If anything, it has truly created an opportunity for me to take risks like I never have before and allowed me to truly step into my purpose here on this earth. It has also allowed more space to really appreciate our loved ones.

Is there an up-and-coming wellness trend for women’s health that you are intrigued by? 

Yes! I’ve been diving a little bit into linoleic acid (seed oils) and the downfall of overconsumption. This is arguably responsible for the majority of the world’s development of metabolic syndrome. Simplified, you aren’t able to burn as many calories because it cannot utilize sugar and carbs as effectively. Think of it like a motor that’s not able to get enough fuel. These oils increase insulin sensitivity, which triggers us to store more fat.

From an ancestral standpoint this makes sense. We may consume a bit more grains or soybeans, which are high in linoleic acid, toward the end of summer when our bodies would want to put on some weight for winter. However, the amount of linoleic acid in the whole food source is dramatically less than the amount found in a bottle of something such as soybean or canola oil. 

I want to add, olive oil and avocado oil are exceptions.

Tell me more about your experience with eliminating electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure?

We have been pretty conscious of positive ions, AKA the manmade technology affecting our energy field, ever since I had two miscarriages. In my journey to healing I saw a Chinese Medicine Practitioner who made clear the importance of grounding and keeping EMF exposure as low as possible.

We try to stay off our phones as much as we can, turning off wi-fi and putting our phones on airplane mode before bed. We also limit our children’s exposure to our cell phones and tablets as it goes through them much more easily than it does us.

We all handle EMF exposure differently, which is why the hair and saliva scan I utilize is so amazing. It picks up your food and environmental sensitivities, and EMF Exposure happens to be on that list. So if you are sensitive, you can take extra measurements for protection.

Can you explain how frequencies can support or hurt the body?

This can be a little complicated because as I said earlier, we all handle frequencies differently. Everything is energy and when you think of frequency, you can think of sending a text across the world or unlocking your car door. It is literally within us and around us in every way.

Energy is measured in Hertz. Our bodies stay in balance around 62-78 MHz. The problem lies in frequencies related to Electromagnetic Radiation. For instance 4G is on a 2.4 and 5.8 GH wavelength. The body does not recognize this and it disrupts our energy balance, even in small amounts. In essence, the radiation disrupts the natural way our body communicates and this can lead to poor immune function, viral and bacterial infections, and so on. 

I could talk about this more but basically our bodies want to stay in homeostasis, and with all things, too much or too little can throw us off track. It is important to know how you are affected by things like cell phone use, being close to wi-fi, cell towers and so on so that you can take measures to protect yourself and keep your body in balance. 

What are 3 tips that you would offer an exhausted mama to help energize the mind and body?

First and foremost is to evaluate how much you have been making your health and wellness a priority. If that is on the backburner, that needs to be done immediately so you can recharge mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Second is to make sure you are supporting your body by drinking enough water throughout the day and eating balanced meals to support your hormones and create stable energy levels.

Third and most important, make the day to day FUN. It is so easy to get lost in the rise and grind of motherhood. When we can find ways to make the daily activities with the kids, spouse and yourself fun and enjoyable, it creates so much gratitude for life, and naturally the energy will find itself more available to you.

How can someone follow up and reach out to you for support?

Brogan Metcalf

I’d love for you to join my facebook group Hella Holistic Mamas! You can also find me on IG @iambroganmetcalf 🙂

Can you see why we are obsessed? Give our girl a follow and let her know Sleepably says hi! Thanks Brogan for letting us tap into your holistic mind and sharing a glimpse into your wealth of knowledge.

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