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Getting to the Root of the Sleep Issue: Sleepin’ It Real, Episode 3

By Seth Davis

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Are you fed up with feeling helpless in the face of certain life issues, like your sleep? Changing a single habit might not be enough to get to a happier, healthier place. Maybe it’s time for a fundamental change – let’s explore how understanding and tackling why you have trouble sleeping can open doors and give you new energy! Plus, there’s an exercise here that’ll give you some insight as well.

If you’re wondering, “Why can’t I sleep?” join Sleepably founder and adult sleep coach Seth Davis for episode 3 of Sleepin’ It Real. 

Have you Tried These Sleep Problem Solutions?

If you are struggling with sleep deprivation, it might be time to try another approach. You have been trying your best by using sleeping aids and medications or exercising; however, none of these solutions seem to work for you.

This is a sign that you need to address the underlying issue causing your sleeplessness. A lot of people I speak with say they feel anxious when it’s time to sleep because they dread what will happen if they can’t fall asleep- but until anxiety around this problem is addressed, any further attempts may end in frustration.

Let’s focus on understanding why this problem exists so we can start making real progress on getting back those restful nights!

Can’t Sleep Because of Anxiety?

With many people sharing advice like taking virgin olive oil every night and rubbing certain substances on the bottom of your feet- it can be hard to stay focused with so much information. One woman even mentioned that she had started drinking a milkshake every night to help her sleep at night. But this is not a long term solution and doesn’t address her underlying anxiety about sleep.

Rather than trying everything and eventually giving in to frustration and burnout, why not take a step back and focus on one approach at a time? That could help you understand the root cause better and get more meaningful outcomes in the end!

Common Sleep Problems

We don’t want to feel overwhelmed. We just want to be targeted and smart about our sleep issues and make positive changes. If we find the root cause of an issue, we can take a more targeted approach to resolve it, like improving sleep hygiene.

A lot of clients find themselves staying up a lot later at night than they would prefer to. Then, they struggle with waking up or experience excessive daytime sleepiness. But they can’t seem to break the cycle.

What it comes down to many times is called revenge bedtime procrastination. We have days where we don’t get enough me-time, and so we respond to that. We try to compensate in the evening by binging Netflix, constantly strolling social media, or doing other activities. This can throw off our circadian rhythm and cause long-term issues with our sleep schedules.

Answering “Why Can’t I Sleep?”

Feeling fatigued during the day? It may be time to take a closer look at when you rest. By asking yourself ‘five whys,’ you can uncover underlying issues and identify better bedtime habits that will energize your days!

For example, if staying up late and binging Netflix leads to exhaustion in the morning, I would approach the problem like this.

I am tired during the day. That’s my problem. And so I ask myself, why? Because I’m going to sleep too late.

Why am I going to sleep too late? Because I’ve been watching Netflix for too long. 

Why am I watching Netflix for too long? Well, I’m not putting a time limit on it. 

And why am I not putting a time limit on it? Because I’m having trouble turning it off. 

Why am I having trouble turning it off? Because I’m trying to unwind after a stressful day, and I just need something to help me relax. 

The final answer was that you are dealing with a stressful day and trying to find a way to relax. So now we can start looking for solutions, like setting boundaries around Netflix and finding healthier ways to unwind at night in the hour before bedtime.

Another thing we can do is look at the stress that’s happening during the day and see if there are ways that we can reduce or remove it.

Understand your Sleep Issues with Adult Sleep Coaching

You can make great changes in your life just by starting with this one little exercise, but if you’re struggling to get to the root of the issue on your own, please contact me. I’d love to do a free 15-minute consultation where we can discuss your sleep problems and a strategic plan to solve them. Or send me an email at [email protected] and let me know how this exercise worked for you.

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