Virtual sleep seminars to boost your team's wellness

Make everyone around you better with a virtual sleep seminar led by adult or pediatric sleep coaches.

Our sleep talks have helped teams from organizations including:

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Image showing the LinkedIn logo. Sleepably provided a virtual sleep seminar for LinkedIn.
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Energize your organization with a virtual sleep seminar

Enlist an adult or pediatric sleep expert to speak to your group about sleeping better 

You probably see tired people all around you every day. Maybe it's drowsy co-workers, exhausted parents, or even yourself struggling to sleep well.

Instead of letting these people endure the daily grind following lackluster sleep, why not help the entire organization sleep better and fill their days with more energy?

You can enlist a Sleepably adult sleep coach or pediatric sleep consultant to educate your group about sleep and provide actionable advice!

Sleepably provides virtual sleep seminars to organizations across the U.S. including:

  • Corporations
  • Schools
  • Pediatric practices
  • Nonprofits

Now is a great time to gather your people for a lunch 'n learn, wellness session, sleep workshop, or whatever you prefer to call it. The best way to help everyone feel better and handle challenging times is to make sure they're well-rested.

If you're in HR, own a business, work in a school, or know of an organization that may benefit from a sleep seminar, let's connect and discuss your needs!

Could your people benefit from sleep education & advice?

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What's included in each event?

Our fun, interactive virtual sleep workshops include:


Education about sleep fundamentals

To learn how to improve your sleep, it helps to first learn why we should make certain changes. Our adult or pediatric sleep coaches thoroughly explain why we need sleep, how the sleep-wake cycle works, and how our behaviors impact our sleep for better or worse.


Actionable sleep advice

Once your people have gained a solid understanding of how their sleep works, it's time to supply them with sleep advice. Whether the workshop focuses on adult or pediatric sleep, your people will gain helpful tips backed by evidence-based sleep science. We can also leave time for individuals to ask questions during a Q&A session.


Digital handouts following the seminar

We cover a lot of ground during these presentations, so it only makes sense to give attendees something to take home with them. The sleep coach leading the event will supply attendees with an information-packed digital handout that will reinforce the topics discussed.


Special discount on personal sleep coaching

Some attendees may want one-on-one sleep coaching after the presentation. As a special gift for hosting us and letting us educate your people, we'll provide a discount on sleep coach services for attendees.

About the presenters

Looking for someone to educate and advise a group of adults on healthy sleep practices? Adult Sleep Coach Seth Davis brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for making presentations engaging and informative!

Do you have parents of children ages 0-14 who would benefit from sleep advice? Pediatric Sleep Consultants Rebecca Schlegel and Sara Nudd infuse sleep education with humor, warmth and empathy.

Whatever sleep help your organization needs, you'll find it here with a high-quality sleep workshop for your people.

Photo of Sleepably sleep coach for adults, Seth Davis
Image of Sleepably sleep consultants Seth Davis, Rebecca Schlegel, and Sara Nudd

Frequently asked questions

How much does a sleep seminar cost?

The cost of each seminar depends on how much customization you'd like. Let's discuss aspects like topics you want to cover, event duration, and your budget to come up with something that works for your organization.

How long will you talk to our group?

Our virtual sleep seminars typically last an hour, but we're flexible enough to accommodate your timing requests.

Can we record the seminar?

Of course! We realize that not everyone will be able to attend the event, so it's perfectly fine to record it and share with those who can't make it.

What is your availability?

We tend to get many requests toward the beginning of the year when organizations are planning their wellness events. If you're interested in booking a sleep workshop with us, we recommend chatting with us sooner than later to make sure your desire calendar date is available.

Can you customize the presentation to our group?

We definitely have the ability to customize events to your organization's needs. Let us know about your specific needs and we'll prepare a proposal for you based on the level of customization.

What topics do your presentations cover?

Our topics vary depending on the audience, but in general we cover things such as:

  • Sleep cycles and other fundamentals
  • Consequences of not sleeping well
  • How recent world events have impacted our sleep
  • How working remotely affects our sleep (and how to manage it better)
  • Advice for adults to improve their sleep
  • Advice for caregivers to help their children rest easier

Which organizations have you worked with?

Share the gift of sleep with everyone around you

Boost the energy, mood and wellness of your entire organization with a virtual sleep seminar!


Sleepably offers professional sleep coach services for children and adults in Denver, Colorado, and the entire U.S. We believe everyone deserves a good night of sleep, and we’re making it happen one well-rested client at a time.

If you’re having trouble sleeping and are ready to do something about it, help is just a click away.


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